The Dating Coach

Dating Coaching

The Dating Coach is a one on one service offered by Jo and Rachelle. This is for people who would like practical hands-on coaching with regards to dating.

  • Are you finding dating frustrating?
  • Are you getting matched and are you matching with people who are not compatible?
  • Spending a lot of time and money on first dates only?
  • Have you been in a long-term relationship and you feel as though you have lost your confidence?
  • Do you want help preparing for that all important date you have arranged?
  • Are you are new to online dating, are nervous or even unsure of how to get started?

If you have answered Yes to any of the above then maybe you need a Dating Coach? Call Jo or Rachelle for a consultation to see how best we can help you. And of course, all your discussions with us are private and confidential.

This is your time and we want to ensure a focused experience to get you ready for your new dating life

Why Work with a Dating Coach?

  • You are nervous about the entire experience
  • You are just not getting the responses you were expecting
  • You repeatedly find yourself in the wrong relationship
  • Are the number of online dating sites overwhelming
  • Need to have your confidence boosted
  • Are you newly back in the dating world and unsure where to start
  • First dates are not turning into second dates
  • Want to change your image
  • I can do this at work why can’t I do this in my personal life
  • Very nervous meeting new people
  • You need a “buddy” to help you on the journey
  • Are you afraid of rejection
  • Do you understand how to date safely?

A dating coach provides a safe environment to discover what may be holding you back.


Please read our testimonials from our happy customers using the Dating Coach.
  • The Dating Coach

    I was ready to start meeting new people and did not know how to get started. Rachelle from Dating Profiles made it all seem easy and comfortable for me. She was a great support and came to my home, took photos, chatted with me about what i am looking for and then helped me to get on line with 2 dating sites to start chatting and meeting new people. It was great to have the experience and knowledge from someone who has done it before as i was new to this and also the tips on safety and security were really invaluable.

    I would recommend the dating coach to anyone who is new to online dating, wants to revitalize their online dating experience or anyone who needs a dating buddy or support during the dating process. Rachelle has the compassion and has a genuine interest in seeing people happily dating and enjoying life.


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