Life Coaching

“A life coach is a person employed to help people attain their goals in life.“

Life Coaching

Life coaching is about defining and addressing your personal goals whether this is in business or your personal life; then creating and planning a “course of action” that will help you accomplish those goals. This will empower you to remove obstacles or challenges that are hindering your desired results and success.

Jo and Rachelle are coaches who will help you achieve your goals. We want you to live a fulfilled, balanced and happy life….something we all deserve. We are passionate about seeing people reach their full potential and to be part of your journey to accomplish this. We believe that many people can benefit from hiring a good coach at some stage during their life. Family and friends are naturally a wonderful support system, but sometimes we need a neutral person by our side to help you with your goals. Jo and Rachelle know that the support of a coach to guide and motivate you can lead to a richer more fulfilled life.

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“If you fail to plan you plan to fail “

During our lives we can get set in our ways and sometimes we get stuck in a rut – this is common place and very typical of the world we live in. Working with a coach is a great way to have a neutral third party to help point these things out to us and help us work through them.

“We all have it within ourselves to achieve great things, sometimes we just need a gentle push, or a word of encouragement to get us there. Engaging a coach can assist to release the power that lies within you to reach those dreams.“

Coaching is not about handing you the answers, it is about helping you to remove the barriers that are limiting your performance, or preventing you from reaching your goals. This is about you taking control of your own growth., We guide you with goal setting and how you can reach those goals, we discuss whether those goals are realistic and achievable, what obstacles stand in your way and what are you going to do to achieve these goals.

Do you need help:

  • To live your life purpose
  • To improve your confidence
  • To handle stress and frustration
  • To be more organised and structured
  • To find more “me” time
  • Following through on your goals
  • To live a more balanced life

Recruit the help of Jo or Rachelle today! They will listen without judgement and share your passion for helping you achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations and will help remove obstacles along the way.

A life coach is a fulfilling relationship which will work with you to help you express and address your personal goals whether it be in your business or personal life; it will also help

plan a course of action to reach these goals – We do not tell you how to conduct your life – we work with you.

As expert coaches, Jo and Rachelle will:

  • Be an honest friend by your side
  • Be an essential part of your support system
  • Help you balance your life
  • Help do research for you
  • Help you remove stumbling blocks
  • Will push you in a creative and positive way when needed and according to your personality type
  • Help you brainstorm
  • Mirror your self-image
  • Help keep you healthy
  • Be close by
Life Coaching

Let us help you be your best and achieve your goals and desires.

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