Jo Smith and Rachelle Woodsford are the proud founders of Dating Profiles and we are very passionate about refining the experience of internet dating and in that, helping everyone find their perfect match!

Our Story

Why we founded Dating Profiles

Dating Profiles was born after personal experience and a lot of feedback from friends and family who were navigating their way through various internet dating sites – from poor communication, dating mismatches, poor picture quality and selection, bad or even non-existent dating profiles, inappropriate communication with potential partners and even people that had experienced fake profiles and potential scammers, the list goes on.

We saw many profiles of men and women, who have so much to offer; however, when putting their profiles together, they had just not made the best of themselves and the opportunity.  When going for a job interview, doing your CV and meeting or writing to a customer or employer, one would always put their best foot forward – so why not when creating your online profile? Why not do this when looking for your soul mate? Surely, this is just as important?

Dating Profiles are fully committed to helping new and current online daters make the best of themselves and have a more positive and fulfilling online dating experience.

Dating Profiles

Dating Profiles offers a range of services to suit everyone from

This is your chance to invest in your own self and your future.

Have you put the same effort into your online dating activities as you would your CV for that dream job or into your business?

If you are new to internet dating, want to improve your internet dating experience or need some one on one coaching then come and meet Jo and Rachelle from Dating Profiles and let us help you.

We look forward to seeing you soon at one of our seminars and hearing all about your internet dating journey.

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